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Do you have any of these problems?


• A team that is not functioning up to expectations…

• A fuzzy idea of a three-year strategic plan…

• Boring, unproductive team meetings…

• Stress from not getting things done…


These are LEADERSHIP problems!


Install Hugh Ballou’s leadership system in your organization today!


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What people are saying about Hugh Ballou’s work:

Hugh Ballou, speaks at CEO SPACE in the presence of the leading trainers in the world, including Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, leading law firms, Chuck Vollmer Dr. David Gruder and 100 other Celebrity Trainers. When Hugh teaches all “these trainers” are in the room – because frankly Hugh is off the chart amazing in hard content.
– Berny Dohrmann – Chairman, CEO Space International, Tampa, FL


“In a world of know-everything experts, it is beyond awesome to find someone that actually knows from which they speak …. the Orchestra Director blew me away and pulled me in with his captivating style, grace in words, and impactful strategies …. You need to experience the grace and power of Hugh Ballou at least once, and you will become a fan instantly!” – Dr. Jeffery Magee, Publisher, Performance Magazine – Tulsa, OK


“Hugh can help with the most critical conversations and organization must have, to bring forth the leadership there but many time unrecognized. With Hugh progress is inevitable and in a much shorter time.”
– Garrett Gunderson, Best Selling Author, Killing Sacred Cows – Sandy, UT


“Your skill in guiding our discussions and involving each person at just the right time was truly astonishing. I was amazed at the many steps we traversed in a time efficient way, leading to the final action plan with actual tasks, individual assignments and deadlines for implementation.” – Dr. Kay Shirley, Certified Financial Planner – Atlanta, GA


“I have been impressed not only with his leadership ability, but his unusual ability to bring people of many backgrounds and passions together in a common purpose.” – Dr. Wilson Luquire, Dean, University of Alabama – Huntsville, AL



“Hugh is one of the best motivational speakers that I have heard and is one of the most generous and caring individuals that I have ever met.  His leadership principals are practical and applicable in a wide variety of businesses. Hugh gets results.”
– Charles D. Vollmer, Jobenomics, Author and Founder, Vienna, VA


“When a human being moves from the inside out, the world lights up! Hugh Ballou is an inspired soul with profound wisdom and skills that empower humanity to work to their fullest potential. He weaves in his gift of leadership, creativity, intuitive guidance and extensive experience into a performance that truly inspires and motivates all who gather. From the moment he walks out on stage, the audience is captivated and involved. I highly recommend Hugh for any event.” – Lauren E. Miller, Bestselling author and speaker


“Hugh Ballou provides a 5 STAR LEADERSHIP PROGRAM which delivered superb results to The WIN Team which far exceeded my highest expectations. Hugh inspired and motivated my team in ways I never imagined he could. Watching Hugh was like watching a MASTER at work! He is absolutely the best-of-the-best and I encourage CEOs and leaders to take advantage of Hugh Ballou’s exceptional expertise.” – Paula Fellingham, Founder/CEO of The Women’s Information Network

“Your approach to brainstorming and prioritizing was very efficient in that ut provided a forum for us a wonderful list of ideas, and then focus on the critical few to implement. We were also able to complete the HOW for the initiatives we chose to implement, so we weren’t wondering what actions to take next.” -Anita Pitts, ChoirFest Planning Team – Atlanta, GA

“Hugh uses his skills in a very collegial manner. He is organized and detailed in his planning, and capable of mentoring and teaching others the skills he has learned so well over the years.” – Dr. Charles Gattis, Senior Pastor – Huntsville, AL

“Hugh helped select a project team representative of each of our community’s news media – newspaper, television, radio and Internet. He then planned a process to utilize our best-thinking skills and focus on the best use of all of our resources, especially time. He then facilitated the planning process, which has led us to an exciting and detailed plan for a major media event during August 2004.” – Yvonne Betow, Huntsville Times – Huntsville, AL

“Hugh continually promotes and delivers high quality results.”
– David Cook, Ivan Allen Co. – Huntsville, AL

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How to Create the Business of Your Dreams


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